Day 45 (cont) – Still Catching Up (cont)

OK, Montreal – we’ll focus on that for a bit. Last year focus was hard to find in Montreal, but this year I had a new show I was getting off the ground, so I was, well…tired. It was a shame to be in such an amazing city and be so exhausted, but I had stuff to do.

For instance – the mass wedding comes to mind – everyone at the Fringe, as far as I know, married someone or some thing during the evening of the mass wedding, presided over by the producer of the festival, who claims to have some sort of authority in such matters.




It was really, seriously fun…

There was a mass divorce the next night, but I wasn’t able to make it. I hear it was lightly attended. Probably due to the intensity of the mass wedding AND the mass bachelor / bachelorette party the night before.

Now, some random reflections:

I handed someone my flyer, as I do, and she handed me back a flyer with no words and a strange little drawing.


“What’s this?”

“It’s my anti-promotion flyer,” she said. It was promoting nothing. I thought this was a great idea. I demanded she sign a copy for me. Then I demanded she let me take pictures of her and her flyer.


It’s only now, as I review the photos, weeks later, that I realize she was flipping me off. Fair enough.

Each night there was an after-hours Fringe party. After-hours in Montreal means 3 a.m. There was a show called the 13th Hour (1 a.m. technically) hosted by some very talented performers from an improv troupe called Uncalled For Improv. They had a “money wheel” which people gave a spin after doing whatever it is they did. You can see it in the background here, if you focus.


Some of the possible choices were “11 Second Dance Party, ” “Bottoms Up” and so forth. One night they added “Fire Drill” to the choices. Someone spun the wheel. Fire drill came up. The hosts announced “Everyone out. Fire drill!”


And everyone in the club stood up (with their drinks), walked down the stairs and into the street.



Then they went back and continued the evening. Maybe I’m just a bumpkin, but I thought it was about as cool a thing as I could imagine – a packed club all walking outside, en mass, just for the hell of it.

OK, so here I am sleeping again. Goddammit.


If you happen to A) Be a drag queen and B) play the bagpipes, then you are lucky enough to call yourself the…wait for it…Drag Piper! – a pun that I am so envious of that I am tempted to, well, become a drag queen and learn to play bagpipes. However, it’s been done…


I know it’s kinda lame to take pictures of your food and make others look at it, but…damn, this was good…



This is Nicole, stage manager/lighting designer of the highest caliber, and generally all around cool person. I’ll see her again in San Francisco, where’s she’ll be my tech at The Marsh in late September. Oh, and that’s me on the right.

And as long as we’re going for self-absorption critical mass…


This is me, pre-show, at the Geordie Space. Not at all nervous. Or tired.


And this is me, pretending to be doing a show at the Geordie Space.

Oh, and here’s me, taking a picture of myself after a sweaty time in the fringe club…


And here’s the picture that I actually took at that very moment. Yeah, I know, I know…how DO I do it, right?


Some assorted friends…and assorted mes…



Now for a few random shots within the random update…


The sign outside of the Montreal Fringe office.


No problem there…


No mention of vans, though, notice?


I’m trying really hard to give up coffee on this trip, but I’m in the cafe and teh waitress tells me that she just made this coffee by mistake and do I want it? For Free. I’d be a food to ignore such signs. Plus, look at it…what could be more beautiful?

And finally, this bit of wall scribble sums up how I feel about Montreal, the Fringe Fest, and all the people I met there…




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