DAY 45 – Still Catching Up

 OK, OK, I’m trying. I’m in Toronto now, with some time off before the Toronto Fringe starts, so I need to catch up with some stuff here. This is day 45 – I’m starting Day 1 as the day that I arrived in Orlando for the Orlando Fringe Festival. Which, by the was, is where I won a Sold Out Award.



It’s a beautiful little award, a little plastic clappy-hand thing with “Jesus In Montana – Sold Out” written on it with a Sharpie. I’m very proud of it, but not so much when I compare it to the praise given to Greg Landuchi, whose show “Dishpig” won the Patron’s Pick for the venue we shared.


He got a gnome as an award. I probably didn’t spell his last name right, but too bad. Fucker.

Here’s a pic that Cindy Lopez took that she just sent me.


She took it in Montreal. I was just pretending to have fallen asleep in my dinner, I swear. Curse you, Montreal!


Yes, we’re back in Orlando now. I went to Epcot, thanks to the kindness of my awesome host, Lori. She works there.

And here’s the room in her house where I got to stay.


And here’s evidence that my father was consulted in the designing of Epcot.


Alas, the Sitting Up Straight While You Eat ride was closed. Because it needed cleaning.


Oh, look, and here I am in Orlando. Sleeping. Can’t really blame Montreal on this, can I? And yes, I’m wearing the same shirt. Too much chloroform in my laundry, perhaps.

Here are some various Orlando friend moments…maybe you recognize yourself in some of these. Or maybe you recognize yourself in me.










To see more of my photos from the Orlando Fringe Festival, click HERE.

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