Day 46 – Catching Up Some More and Finally

OK, today is the day I get caught up. We’re now up to the Ottawa Fringe Festival, which was already a week ago. Ottawa was fun – cool people, great crowds, wonderful staff and volunteers – but it was nowhere near the craziness of Montreal, so I can’t really blame that for my falling behind.

My internet access was very limited, though, which was a Hell on Earth that I hope to never experience again.




Not to give the impression that much of the festival takes place within the confines of the beer tent, but…The Beer Tent (above)



Julie and Ricardo, from Flamenco con Fusion. In the beer tent.



My sandwich board! In the beer tent.


Stewart and TJ. Beer tent.


Beer tent.


With the dancers from Flamenco con Fusion. Beer tent.


Oh, wait! NOT the beer tent! This is a mobile coffee station that was in my venue. You close it up and it looks like just another crate full of audio gear, but you open the doors and plug it in, and it’s a lil Starbucks away from home. Coffee tent!


This is Courtney, aka Poofy du Vey. I take a lot of pictures of her because, unlike me, she always makes a different face.


Oh, and yes…beer tent.


This is Jayson. He has a solo show called “Giant Invisible Robot.” He won an award for it – best concept or something – I forgot. It was a great show, though, and deserving of an award, which he is holding in his hand. He wrote down some guy’s email address on the award envelope and it bled through to the award. He has just discovered this. Beer tent.


Me and Samira, Ottawa Fringe volunteer coordinator. Not the beer tent, but it’s nearby, don’t worry.


Me and Lucyna, a photographer. She was the first person I handed a flyer to in Ottawa, and she wanted to do a photo shoot with me. It was some Jesus-y thing (I had a crown of barbed wire), that’s why my shirt is off. And because I’m HOT!


When she sends the photos I’ll paste them here. Oh, sweet anticipation.


Back to the beer tent. Phew. A group photo was being taken, so I jumped in front of it and took the above shot. This is why I’m so popular.


And this (above) is why I usually go for the whole deadpan look – see what happens when I show actual emotion? Dork.


I actually went to this meeting, but was a few minutes late, and the anarchists had a strict policy on no latecomers.

To see more pics from the Ottawa Fringe Festival, click HERE.



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