Day 48 – Almost Caught Up

Toronto. Still a few days until the Toronto Fringe Festival begins, so I’m biding my time. I’ve always wanted to bide my time. That sounds so poetic. Lyrical, even. Well, I’m here to tell you, it is. Biding is the best thing to do with your time. Do it if you can.

I was in a café when in walks Jimmy Hogg, writer/performer of the show Ciriculum Vitae, a very funny show about how to put together a resume. I met Jimmy at the Orlando Fringe, so it was a bit odd for him to just stroll into a Toronto café. Sure, he does live in Toronto, but still. The next day he let me tag along while he biked around TO hanging up posters and flyers.



Then we had beer. We deserved it.



The guy at the bike shop (went to get a flat repaired – again) told me that my lock was totally inadequate and that my bike WILL be stolen in Toronto. If that’s true, I figure I should at least have a picture of it before it happens. Like this.


I’m staying in the home of the coolest couple in the universe, Bruce and Annie. Here we are at a pub.


They live in a really nice neighborhood in Toronto…


…and they have graciously allowed me to park Constance, the Property-Value-Driver-Downer, in their driveway for two plus weeks.


I’ve also been allowed to take over their basement. I do well in basements. And the fact that I’m living in a basement while in town performing a show about how I once lived in Jesus’s basement has not been lost on me.


And speaking of drinking: I went out for a drink with my friend Lucy, who I met last year in Montreal. She moved to Toronto about the same time I rolled into town.


And, after some Canadian beer, I get all artsy with the camera. Sorry…






My whole life people have made jokes about how my name, Barry, sounds like “very.” Hi…very glad to meet you, or should I say…*Barry* glad to meet you. Ha!

Ugh. So, as if I didn’t hate McDonald’s enough already…


And speaking of catching up – get this – here I am, right this very moment, writing this blog. I handed my camera to a stranger to document it for me – she didn’t quite let me finish posing (fingers not quite on keyboard – maybe she doesn’t type?) before she snapped the pic, but you get the idea, right?


And this is as caught up as anyone could possibly get. Here we are. Right now. Welcome.

2 responses to “Day 48 – Almost Caught Up

  1. it seems like what you *do* is travel around, exist, be hilarious, perform, make friends, park vans, drink beer and record everything for posterity and potential future profit.

    im sure its slightly more complicated than that, but still, i think i maybe kind of covet your life.

    these days all i do is paint layers and layers of primer and paint on the walls and mouldings of the various rooms in my new apartment. whee.

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