Day 49 – Toronto Tech

I was hanging up posters today when I saw this sign in a store window.


Hey, Mister No Flyers, guess what? I’m saving trees, too. Left all alone in the cold and lonely forest, trees would grow old and die. I am seeing to it that they are cut down, pounded into handsome card stock and imprinted with a cartoon image of me hitchhiking while holding a “Jesus or Bust” sign. Then people can stick these little “trees” in their scrapbooks or photo albums or desk drawers and “save” them for a long, long time.

So there…

I walked past some depressing graffiti today.


Or at least I thought so at first. I stood and pondered it for a moment before realizing that, first of all, it’s only referring to “most” of what I do, not “all” of what I do. And it only has “little” significance, which is actually quite a step up from “no” significance. So there’s lots of wiggle room here. Plus, it does kida take some of the pressure off. Then I saw a squirrel and forgot all about what I was pondering.


Squirrels are black in Canada. Cool.

I did my technical rehearsal at the Glen Morris Theatre yesterday.


It’s a great, funky space, seats 90…


…air conditioned, and has a gigantic white panel at the back that I will be using as a projection surface. My images will be HUGE.


There’ll be pictures of me on the screen that are substantially bigger than the me that will be standing on stage. It’s like a dream come true…except for the fact that most of what I do has little significance or meaning. Which I’m cool with.


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