Day 51 – Toronto Opening

I open “Jesus In Montana” in Toronto in a few hours. At 11:15, to be exact. When I tell people this, they make a noise like I’ve just punched them in the stomach. Not hard, but enough that they would make a little “oof” noise. It’s kinda late on a Thursday to have a show, I guess is what they are trying to tell me.

To further shake my confidence, I was reading Toronto’s NOW magazine at lunch today, and they have a whole Fringe spread. One that makes absolutely no mention of me or my show, except for a one-sentence listing. I pretty much don’t exist.


And, it gets worse. I flipped to the concert page, and guess who else is doing a show tonight, at the same time as me…



OK, so maybe I’m flattering myself to think that I would be competing over the same demographic as The White Stripes, but if the place isn’t packed tonight, I’m forever blaming Jack and Meg.

However, the real threat to my demographic (sorry to use “demographic” so much – I promise I don’t talk that way in real life) is yet to come. All I can say is thank God I don’t have a show on Tuesday.


One response to “Day 51 – Toronto Opening

  1. Hahahaha, well look who it is. Don’t worry Mr Aspen, you exist! Of course you do, I found you on Google when I was looking for entirely something else.

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