Day 53 – Toronto Reviews

I opened to a house of 10 – possibly the smallest house I’ve ever played to. Others have much better horror stories of this nature than I do – like houses of one plus the ticket taker – so I won’t try to feel too sorry for myself there. They were 10 great people, though, and seemed to like it. In fact, 2 of the 10 were reviewers from the two main weeklies covering the Toronto Fringe Festival, and they have already posted their reviews online. I’ll put them here for you, because that’s what I do, then I have to go and do a show.


Barry Smith’s power-point presentation of his journey into the founding of a messianic cult is great stuff: funny, interesting and thought-provoking — he makes “that guy” trying to convert you seem like someone you want to hang out with, which is a feat indeed. Edward Keenan


Intelligent and creatively executed with slides and graphics, Barry Smith’s instructive and witty performance-cum-presentation on how he joined a cult-like group in the mid-90s is both entertaining and insightful. Perfect for anyone vaguely interested in cults, spirituality or a damned good story told by a guru narrator.


Pretty cool, right – two 5-star reviews? I guess I’ll find out if it helped the size of the audience very soon…

2 responses to “Day 53 – Toronto Reviews

  1. Whoa 10. It’s a start. I’ve heard Toronto is a tough nut to crack audience-wise. Great reviews should help though.

    Here’s wishing you the best!

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