Day 59 – Toronto, still…

I have to be honest – things could not be going any better for me at the moment. I got amazing reviews in the two Toronto Weeklies, my show is selling out, I have a show in two hours that will most likely be really well attended if not sold out, I feel good, I’m well rested, I’m hanging out with cool people, etc…

So why, you may ask, am I so glum?


Well, because I have spent the past 4 days with a massive zit on my face. Massive. Like a twin is emerging from my cheek. It is truly hideous. In this picture I actually have it covered with some foundation that I usually wear on stage so my head doesn’t look quite so shiny, my nose not quite so pointy, eyes not so baggy, etc…the list goes on, and it is a depressing one already. But if you look closely, which you shouldn’t, you can see that the makeup doesn’t quite cover Mount Face-suvius.

It’s getting better though. I never assumed there would be a down side to daily falafel.


I saw a great T-shirt today. It was being worn by a young girl, very early 20s, I’d say, maybe younger. I stopped her on the street to tell her I love her shirt. I wanted to take a picture of it, but sensed that she was not too comfortable with a guy (with a big zit) talking to her, let alone taking a picture of her chest. So I made a good decision and moved on.

The shirt said:


Tasty, tasty murder.


Now then, on to the toilet signs.


This  (above) one’s OK. I like the hand made quality, is all. Thought I’d include it.


This has nothing to do with washing hands, I know, but it kinda grows on you. If you’re 14. Like I am.


Here’s the urinal bank (deposits only, please) at the Fringe Club. All the posters are of Fringe shows. Cool, huh?

And, my second most favorite activity, next to toilet sign photography, is getting cute girls to put their heads next to mine while I take a picture of it.


This is also a good example of the zit sans makeup. I know, I know…it feels like you’re wearing 3D glasses, doesn’t it?

OK, off to do a show.


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