Day 61 – Driving West…Soon…

New dates have been added for both “Jesus” and “American Squatter!” More on that later.

Four of the 7 of my Toronto “Jesus In Montana” shows sold out! The last 2 shows sold out within 10 minutes of them going on sale at the door! This is a line of people waiting to buy tickets – an hour before the show!


Holy shit! Things are going well! Now I have to drive for 2 days – to the Winnipeg Fringe – except that I was going to leave at 8 this morning, and it’s now 11, and I’m still not quite ready to go.



2 responses to “Day 61 – Driving West…Soon…

  1. Is the crowd lined up outside a CHURCH to see you do your sacrilegious show? Weren’t you afraid the place would get smote? Or smited? Whichever?

  2. Congrats on the success at Toronto! You’re AWESOME! 🙂

    I can’t wait to heard how Winnipeg goes and Victoria! yay!!!!!

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