Day 74 – Best of Fest – Winnipeg Fringe Festival

Jesus In Montana won “Best of Fest” in the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, meaning I get an extra show on Sunday, and I get to write “Best of Fest” on stuff from now on. Not that I haven’t been already, but now I can do it without guilt…

A review from the Winnipeg Sun:

Jesus is back! Or so Barry Smith thought. One day after surviving a few too
many acid trips, the Colorado dishwasher — who renounced his fundamentalist
upbringing as a kid — heard Jesus was coming to Montana, and hitchhiked over to
see if it was true. Indeed it was — except Jesus was a pedophile who preferred
to be called Doc and didn’t have the cool surfer hair Smith hoped. Using a
multi-media show of home video, photos and audio from his past, Smith’s true
story of how he fell into and eventually escaped early ’90s cult life is creepy
and moving. Fueled by his newfound faith, his determination to warn the world —
or anyone who would listen — about the impending Apocalypse got to the point
where he could think of nothing else. Smith has captured his journey in a
written work that translates well to stage. His delivery is engaging — almost
like a preacher. Wonder where he learned that.

Sun Rating: 4 out of 5

— Lindsey Ward

And some photos of some stuff…





People lining up to listen to me talk about Jesus. Amen…


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