Day 84 – Hard to leave Winnipeg…

...because I liked it so much. And really, there’s so much to like at the Winnipeg Fringe:


The Fringe volunteers like their jobs.



Cara likes fences. 



Barry likes numbers… 





…and pictures of himself. 



This guy likes flashlights. 



All the girls like Jayson. 



Possibly because he flosses in public. 



Otto loves Astrid. 



Michelle likes touching people’s head. 



Leanne likes the Fringe. 



Kym likes Moosehead. 



Jem likes talking, Jeff likes squinting. 



Keir and Sam like their vertical differences. 



Barry likes this picture. 



Greg likes bright lights… 



…and making Barry cry. 



Barry likes Caberlesque. 




Day 83 – One Last Winnipeg Wrap-up

While I was walking down the street on my second day in Winnipeg, I saw this poster.


Well, OK, that’s a lot of posters. But I looked closely and saw this –


This is Frank Zappa’s son Dweezil playing the music of his father, and playing it quite well, by all accounts. This show was in Montreal a little bit before me, and in Toronto a little bit after me, so I was assuming that it would be in some city at the same time as me. And I was right. That city was Winnipeg. And the venue was, literally, across the street from the place I’d be performing Jesus In Montana.


Look, I’m standing on the corner of Market and Main, looking towards where Dweezil will play…


then I turned around and took a pic of where I’ll be playing. Across the street. In case you didn’t believe me.


The only thing was – the Zappa show happened on my opening night, at exactly the same time! No way I could make it. None at all.

I suppose it would help if you knew what a huge Zappa fan I am. Well then – I’m a huge Zappa fan. Now you know.

But I figured that if you have to miss a show, the coolest way to miss it is if you’re doing your own show. Right? Right!? Thanks. I feel better.

Later that night, after my show, I went to the beer tend and walked past these guys.


Obviously they weren’t standing like this when I walked past them, but I did notice their shirts, asked them if they were at the gig. Duh. I then made them give me a note-for-note rundown of the show, which they were still very excited about. I missed a good one, it seems.

But then again, Dweezil missed seeing my show, so I feel kinda bad for him, too…

Day 80 – Farewell to the Peg

One of the highlights of the Winnipeg Fringe for me was Dr. Calagari’s Cabaret of Lies. This was a late-night (Saturday midnight) variety show put on by about 15 different Fringe performers. It was organized by Jem Rolls and TJ Dawe, both Fringe veterans. They did a great job of putting together a show amidst chaos.

A venue was found – upstairs at the King’s Head Pub – and tickets were made. The show sold out within 15 minutes, with about 150 tickets flying out the door.


Penny Ashton (Hot Pink Bits), Michelle Todd (Deep Fried Curried Perogies),
TJ Dawe (Maxim and Cosmo)and Jem Rolls (Jem Rolls Up), pre-cabaret…


Me, TJ, Jem, with just a hint of the top of Keir Cutler’s head…

The show was lit by flashlight. I bought 20 of them, along with batteries, and we handed them out to the audience with instructions to point them at whatever was happening at the time. Here is the crowd, still in line outside the venue, happily pairing flashlights with batteries. You could not have asked for a better crowd, and not just for their mechanical skills.


The big finale, everyone on stage…


…including the Fugitives, a band from Vancouver who were doing a show called “The New Art of Poetry Clubbing.” They were so very good, and provided the closing song for everyone to riff on.


I’m in Canada. Here’s proof.


I know Nile. Here’s proof.


I know Barbara Adler from the Fugitives. Here’s proof.


Birds flying over and yelling “No” at you is the best way to keep you from opening something dangerous. Here’s proof.


Keir Cutler REALLY wants to cameo in Jayson McDonald’s amazing solo show, “Giant Invisible Robot.” He wants to be the robot. Here’s proof.


And more proof….


I can pose in really stupid ways. Here’s proof.


Jem attracts moths. Here’s proof.


When I tell a group of people to put their heads together and look at the ground, they obey me. Here’s proof.


Lots of pictures to be taken on the last night at the King’s Head.


I won a Jenny Award. So did Keir. Greg Landucci (Dishpig) didn’t. You may remember Greg from Orlando, where he won the “Best of Venue” award instead of me. Well, now we’re even. Or tied, depending on how you want to look at it.


Our Jenny Awards being looked after…

Winnipeg was everything I was told it would be – an amazing festival with dream audiences. People there really turn out for the Fringe, and the performers are loved and appreciated. I’m already excited about going back next year.

Next stop, Saskatoon…