Worst Year Ever?

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, there’s this church around the corner from my house…


…and I’m frequently pondering their choice of message board posts. This one, for example..


Sound like a porn title? You bet it does. Maybe even gay porn, but not necessarily. If you added “Volume IV” at the end of it, it wouldn’t seem out of place.

Well, today I walked past and saw this:


Let’s ponder this for a minute – light shining ON you is one thing – maybe not such a great thing if, say, you’re attempting a prison break, but I can get behind the metaphor. The “light” represents comfort, knowledge, understanding, illumination, etc…and the “you” is a representation of you. Or, in this case, me.

But light shining THROUGH you? Think about that. A light that could shine through a dense, opaque human being would have to be a very concentrated and intense light indeed. Only one kind of light comes to mind that’s capable of this – a laser beam. And it does this because it burns a hole through you through which to shine.

So, what this message board is saying is, “May you get shot with a laser beam in 2008.”

That’s not cool.


One response to “Worst Year Ever?

  1. Haha this is pretty funny! I’ve noticed that many church messages don’t make a whole lot of sense… Nothing against religion; it’s just some of the signs are pretty strange. X3

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