The Road To Fresno, Part 2

I’m not a big fan of fast food, but I’m even less of a fan of preparation. So, on the road, I sometimes have to bite the bullet. Though an actual bullet is usualy preferable to most fast food offerings, I’m using it as a figure of speech. I don’t, for obvious reasons, travel with bullets. So, fast food it is…


This Subway looks a bit sad, though it doesn’t really read in this picture. As I drove past it, on the prowl for some food, I thought to myself, “Is this OK? I mean, Subway can be kinda gross. Is it OK to have Subway?”

Then I looked up and saw…


Which you’d think would answer my question pretty clearly, right? Yet somehow this sign made me think that it actually WASN’T OK to have Subway. Like, as in seriously not OK.

But I was hungry, so I had to do some rationalizing – I figured that the people who do the sign are the employees, right? The same ones who make the sandwiches, right? Certainly they don’t have a dedicated sign-letterer at the Subway in Salina, Utah. So, judging by the slap dash appearance of the sign, I have to assume that the employee who was on sign duty that day was so excited to get back to making awesome sandwiches for people like me that they did a really shitty job on, you know, general sign layout, spacing and stuff…

So in I went, got a 6-inch turkey sub on wheat, no cheese, ate it quickly and got back on the road.

It was OK.


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