The Road To Fresno, Part 3

I’ve seen lots of these before…


But never, until this Fresno drive, have I seen one of these…


You can put your card in any way! Well, either way, not any way. You can’t put it in upside down. At least not if you want to buy gas. Still, baby steps, right? I personally don’t have time to figure out which direction my card is turned. I just need to buy shit with it. Now! And this new “either way” technology makes it that much easier for me. I love this time I live in.

However, while taking pictures of the credit card picture, I noticed a sign that seemed much more relevant.


Holy shit!

I’m assuming that the reason you aren’t supposed to use electronic devices is because they’ll make you blow up, right? I mean, why else? You’re filling up your car, you whip out the cell to talk to someone, it creates a spark, and you blow up! Or, you take out your camera to take a picture of the credit card instructions, and you blow up! Jesus, this is terrifying. But not so terrifying that I didn’t take a picture of it, because I figured that a picture snapped at the very moment that you blow up would be pretty cool, worth it in a way.

This “You’ll Blow Up” icon isn’t huge, either. And you’d think it would be. In fact, you have to look really closely to even find it in the jumble of other “You’ll Blow Up” warnings.


No shortage of ways to die at the pump.

“Slow death by poverty” is not mentioned in the warning signs, but it could happen.

blog pic0005.jpg

Be careful.


One response to “The Road To Fresno, Part 3

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog today, I’m not even quite sure I remember how. But I did. I thought I’d leave you a comment and let you know that that cell phone at the gas pump warning is false. Mythbusters (Goodness how I love that show) did a bit on it. The cell phone, nor getting in/out of your car, had any explosive reactions when added to pumping gasoline. Just so you know, for further picture taking.

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