In Fresno, Great Lighting

Here’s a video shot by Mike Osegueda from the Fresno Bee. This was my first night in Fresno, and I thought that standing under a bright street light and talking fast would be the best way to endear myself to the community. I was right.

And here’s my link on the Rogue Festival web page. You can read what people said about my show, and stuff. How fun for you…


One response to “In Fresno, Great Lighting

  1. Hahahahaha… I love the way you’re writing is so stream of conscience (sp?)… I’m still decompressing and it’s crazy! I’m sorry I wasn’t there for the Hangover Brunch but an accident with one of our doggies made it impossible for me to be at Tang Dynasty.

    I hope you had a wonderful Rogue, I hope you come back next year with “Click” and I want to see what you’re going to write about your Rogue Award! 🙂

    Miss ya already!

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