Searching for Clarence Evans

I figure that this is easier than actually searching, right? I’ll let him come to me, this Clarence Evans.

If you are Clarence Evans, and you’ve found this site because you’ve done a search for your own name (hey, we all do it from time to time, nothing to be ashamed of), then please know that I’m not looking for just any Clarence Evans, but a very specific one, one who lived in Mississippi in the late 70s.

Actually, even more specific than that – one who lived in Mississippi in the late 70s and was married to my mother for a few years. You know…Clarence Evans, my stepfather.

If you aren’t this particular Clarence Evans, then I’m sorry to have wasted your time…you may get back to your day now.

If you ARE that particular Clarence Evans, then hey…drop me an email. It’ll be fun.

I think I’ve now written “Clarence Evans” enough times in this post to have it really do some good.



One response to “Searching for Clarence Evans

  1. I googled this “Clarence Evans” character and then clicked on your blog, just to strengthen the google connection. You’re welcome.

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