Searching For Susan Rice

For many of the similar reasons mentioned in my “Searching for Clarence Evans” post, except that she obviously wasn’t my step-father, I’m searching for Susan Rice.

Specifically, I’m searching for the Susan Rice who went to Chaffey College in Alta Loma, or was it Cucamonga, California, in the mid-80s.

Susan Rice may have a different surname now, but have no real way of knowing this. I wonder if women occasionally go “ego surfing” for their maiden names? Or if people who have changed their name for other reasons – spiritual, professional, witness protection – do searches for their previous identities? I know I would.

So, Susan Rice? “Susan Rice” (In quotes so it’ll REALLY show up if she searches for Susan Rice.) Are you there?

Email me.


One response to “Searching For Susan Rice

  1. I’m not Susan Rice, nor do I know where she is. Sorry.

    Just letting you know that, yes, some women do occasionally go “ego surfing” for their maiden names.

    For some of us, it’s quite depressing when we realize that no one is waxing nostalgic about us, or even wondering where we are.

    And I further wonder if those who DO go “ego surfing” in this way are simply wishing, hoping that someone, somewhere has noticed them; wishing, hoping that it hasn’t always been as they suspected… that no one notices, or cares. Because if someone remembers them and what they see as their unremarkable younger lives years after the fact, then perhaps it means that the unremarkable life of NOW will one day also be remembered by someone else.

    Yeah. I have too much time on my hands, wondering these things.

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