He Is Risen! Help!

I don’t know what it is about me and this church sign, but I just can’t let it be. The latest message…

walks among us.jpg

…is a good example. If you were to use more exclamation marks and substitute “Alleluia” with “RUN!” or “ARRRRGH!” or even “HELP!” then you’d have yourself the title of a pretty spiffy horror film.

But mocking well-meaning churches isn’t the only thing on my mind these days, I’m also wondering what sort of message my barn is trying to send me via cryptic snow letters.

barn letters 2.jpg

Suggestions welcome…

barn letters.jpg

It almost looks like it says “PRAY.” Which, given my earlier comment, is probably good advice. Still, once you start doing what the roof of your barn tells you to do, then it’s pretty much all downhill.

2 responses to “He Is Risen! Help!

  1. I decided to take a looksee at your photos and other thoughts.

    There appears to be a theme here..a trend..hmmm…

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