Take That, Miss Bryson…

I’m working on my new show, “Barry Smith’s Baby Book: Who Saves This Stuff?” I just discovered this transcript from the first grade.


In case you can’t read it, she gave me a B in Writing. Twice! What a total bitch.

Well, Bryson, I guess I showed you who knows what when it comes to writing, eh? Because I’ve got a blog! And not everybody has one of those – you have to be a very, very good writer to have one! And I do. Have one.

So. There.


3 responses to “Take That, Miss Bryson…

  1. …and “blog” starts with “b” — so…so, maybe Mrs. Bryson (whose name also starts with a B) knew something….



  2. i am a writer! i am a writer!

    he said while holding his semi-automatic rifle in the Tower while the police surrounded him requesting he come down.

    my very insane blog sits untouched after much time.

    pardon my hypocrisy!

    you do make me chuckle a bit.

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