Quickly, Let’s Catch Up…

So, the new show is now called: “Barry Smith’s Baby Book: A Grownup Comedy About Stuff.”

I did a debut/script reading last week at Steve’s Guitars, this very cool venue in Carbondale, CO, near Aspen, where I live. It was beyond sold out, and people seemed to laugh at all the right places, so whew…

Local columnist Su Lum was there, she wrote this.

Patty Naft designed a poster for the show. It looks like this:

blog pic0005.jpg

Derek Skalko took some pictures for the show once again. Here are two of them:

blog pic0002.jpg

blog pic0003.jpg

And here, for no reason at all, is an old picture of my grandfather, known as Papa. I’m estimating that he’s about the same age in this pic as I am now:

blog pic0001.jpg

There, pretty much up to speed. Back on track. Right on top of things. This will be a great summer.