Aspen Gang Activity

Tagging is rampant in Aspen. The wayward children of the ultra-wealthy have to find some way to express themselves. And their self-expression certainly mirrors their environment and upbringing. Here’s the mark of “Feast.”


In the coming weeks I’ll try to get more photos of the work of Aspen Taggers, including “Daddy’s VISA,” “Privilege,” “All-You-Can-Eat Sushi” and “Trust Fund.”


Frank Sinatra Bubble Mailer

My post office sells Frank Sinatra Bubble Mailers. I don’t know what to say about this, except that I feel the need to say it a few more times.

Frank Sinatra Bubble Mailer.

Frank Sinatra Bubble Mailer.

I didn’t cut and paste, either. I typed it out from scratch each time. Try it, you’ll see…

Sinatra mailer.jpg

I’ll Think About It…

I always think of these church bulletins as being kinda like text messages from God (see earlier posts). Using that theory…


…I have to wonder which building project this is referring to. Sure, maybe it’s the construction going on on the church itself, but maybe God is apologizing for the inconvenience of the construction of the Universe. Which is pretty seriously inconvenient, right? Unsafe, even. I mean, Black Holes? C’mon…put a few orange cones down or something.

Anyway, the apology is a kind gesture, but I’ll have to think about it before deciding if I can accept or not.