Zipper Song

Back in about 1985 my brother bought the “Breakin'” soundtrack. The last song on the cassette – yes, cassette – was called “Reckless,” and featured the early vocals of a pre-cop-killing Ice-T and some, well, reckless turntable work by DJ Glove.

There’s some serious scratching on this song – in fact, the song is pretty much all about scratching. Having never heard scratching before, we thought it sounded like somebody doing their pants zipper up and down. And I have to say, even 25 years later, in this particular song it really does sound like that.

We liked the song, and played it a lot, so we got to know it pretty well. One day we decided to make our own music video. So we went to the garage, did a bit of rehearsing, hit RECORD on the tripod-mounted camera and PLAY on the cassette player, lip-synched for 3 minutes and – presto – The Zipper Song!

It was a big hit in the family. “The Zipper Song!” “Play the Zipper Song again!” “We’re gonna send the Zipper song to America’s Funniest Home Videos and win $10,000!” “Let’s watch the Zipper Song again!”

Well, nobody ever got around to submitting the Zipper Song to AFHV, otherwise I’d have footage of me being interviewed by Bob Sagat, which would be awesome. Actually, I don’t know if it would have made the cut. Here’s a still…

zipper song.jpg

Here’s the thing – I think I have a place for the Zipper Song in the new show! And that’s very exciting to me. But not so much to my brother, who does some amazing zip-synching work, and for some reason is embarrassed by it now. I think I have a lot more to be embarrassed about than he does, and I think it’s great. Perhaps even a little bit…reckless.


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