Every Job I’ve Ever…Well, You Know…

Continuing on the writing-about-writing-a-new-show theme…

Now I have papers with words on them spread out on the floor. Look, I never said this would be exciting, it’s just the way it goes…

papers spread out.jpg

And here’s another screen capture from the “multimedia” portion of my show. I really want to do a lot of graphs and lists and drawings and cartoons and scribbles in this show. Graphs are funny, right? Right? I’m liking my spiral notebook keynote background. Made it myself. I also made one that’s a yellow legal pad and an old “Big Chief” tablet. You’re not REALLY working until you’re making your own Keynote themes, baby. It’s OK if I call you “baby,” right?

screen shot graph.jpg

Eventually all the stuff that I’m now doing on the computer will be done by hand, by me, then scanned and put into the computer. I’m making extra work for myself, but I think it’ll be worth it.

For now, though, I’m just trying to get a good rough draft together. Later on I’ll, as Frank Zappa used to say, “put the eyebrows on it.” Although I have spend way too much time geeking out on what the first 60 seconds of the show will look/sound/feel like. So far I have a Rage Against The Machine song playing at the top of the show. I hope I keep that in.

Here, for no real reason, is my dad (right), circa 1975. This picture was sent to me recently, meaning that up until a month or so ago I didn’t even know this treasure existed. Hooray life!

dad leisure suit.jpg

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