I Had A Dream…

I had a dream two nights ago that someone scratched my car as they pulled into a parking place. I said, “You scratched my car,” then went on about my business.

Look, I’m sorry – I’ll never ever share another dream here again, I promise. This will not become Barry Smith Dreams About Stuff and Writes It. But this one was pretty good – first of all, I generally don’t care if my car gets scratched. In the dream it was a small scratch, so it was easy not to care. But I’ve interpreted the dream like this: I want to call Apple tech support about what happened to my Keynote file – see previous post – but I woke up from the dream knowing that just moving on was the way to go.

See, my keynote file just took a major shit and I lost pert near everything in it. Hundreds of images – gone in a heartbeat. Imagine you’re typing in a word doc and as you’re about, oh, a month into a big long story it suddenly says, “Oops – something happened – please restart.” And when you do all that’s left of your 80 page document are the words “this,” “cereal,” “pencil” and “Rudy.” And there’s NO WAY to get it back. Ok, so you backed up a few days ago, so you’re really only missing about 4 days of writing, but still – whooosh – your shit can disappear just like that. We know this, right? Sure we do, sure we do.

As of now, about 48 hours after the incident, I’m caught back up, back to where I was pre-whoooosh. And I feel a sense of focus that I may not have had before. Something about coming face to face with your e-mortality is very motivational.

My point – In 5 years of using Keynote nothing like this has ever happened, and to witness it firsthand was terrifying. I don’t know what tech support can do at this point besides tell me that they don’t know why this happened and that it’s not something that happens often. That’s hardly worth half an hour of hold music. So I’ve decided to just move forward. I am now Mr. Paranoid Backer Upper. I thought I was pretty good before, but I realize that I wasn’t.

I have just one day shy of 2 weeks before I do my first public reading of the show – and I’m flying to Iowa on Wednesday to do a performance of Jesus in Montana – so, it’s promising to be a very busy two weeks. Hooray.

I’ve started a Master List. I have TO DO and TO FIND on it – things to do (like I needed to clarity) and things to find, specifically pictures and documents that I know I have somewhere but don’t seem to have scanned into my computer yet. And yes, I always leave my pen on the page just like that – that’s totally not a set up photo. Completely natural.

master list.jpg

I have about 30,000 items in my combined iPhoto libraries. You’d think that would just about cover it, right? No – still need to find the Garfield cartoon that I tried to draw when I was 13. Crucial element.


Time to back up and get some sleep. Here’s your screen shot for the day.

daily news screen shot.jpg

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