First Reading of “Every Job…”

The script reading was a success. What is “success” in this context? Well, there were lots of people, so that was cool. And since this was a first-time-out-loud performance, I got a good sense of what does and doesn’t, will and won’t work. Funny how some things seem pretty funny (or interesting) when you’re alone in your little world, but when you put them on the stage, well…standby crickets, and….GO crickets.

But that was the point. It was the one circumstance where the crickets were specifically asked to weigh in.

barry at steves.jpg

I made a video with my back in 1986 called “Contemporary Rock Music.” It was a mock-u-mentary, and I thought that a little snippet of it would be perfect in the show about Every Job I’ve Ever Had, specifically pointing out why I was never actually paid to make mock-u-mentaries. I was wrong. Very, very wrong. But how else are you gonna find out, right?

I feel like I have a good solid framework for the tweaking that needs to happen next, and again, that was the point.

Then I hit the road – off to Yerington, NV to do “Baby Book” (aka “Me, My Stuff and I”)

barry van snow.jpg
barry shoe tree.jpg

That’s me in front of the Shoe Tree on Hwy 50. It’s a tree in the middle of absolutely nowhere – with shoes in it.

van shoe tree.jpg
copper inn.jpg

I stayed at the Copper Inn in Yerington. They have phones!

I think the person in charge of ordering their pens may not have taken quite enough time to proofread the final product before signing off on the job…

copper in pen.jpg

Or maybe there actually is copper in the motel, and the pens are just a reminder of this.

After my show in Yerington I jumped in the van and drove through the night so I could get to Fresno in time to do a reprise of “Jesus in Montana” at the Rogue Festival. I’m staying right next to the cop shop, which is not an important detail, but a forced segue into this picture…

fresnos finest.jpg