Oh, THAT’S How It Works

Hey, here’s what I’ve discovered – in order to write a show you have to write, and write some more, and rewrite, then keep writing. And maybe keeping a public journal of that process isn’t as interesting as I initially thought it would be.

So, I’ve been writing, and writing, and rewriting, and I plan to write some more. My “final script reading” is in 2 weeks. Then I’ll memorize the show.

Let me just tell you what memorizing the show will entail, as I don’t have to wait ’til it happens to know this.

Here’s how – brute repetition.

There. Mystery solved.

Thanks for coming behind the scenes with me. See you on the road. Soon.

Oh, and here’s a failed attempt at a publicity photo for my show.

EJ Failed PR Photo.jpg

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