This isn’t any sort of comment on my feelings on taxation (but maybe it is), and it certainly is in no way to be interpreted as a “Tea Party” reference (no, seriously), but…

I was taking my tea bag from my cup and needed a place to put it. Not being a cup and saucer kind of guy, but having enough class to not just plop it on my desk, I put it on the nearest absorbent piece of paper – which just happened to be a recently received 1099.

Find meaning in this if you must. I know I have.


Scanning Stuff

I’m sorta always scanning stuff – pictures and whatnot. But I think I may have completed the majority of it just a few days ago. This project has been ongoing since 2006. I felt like I was one big push away from having the majority of it done, and so it was.

scanned stuff 1.jpg
scanned stuff3.jpg

Here (above) is my makeshift workstation – folding tables, scanner, laptop and pictures strewn about…

scanned stuff4.jpg

And, just to maximize the confusion, I like to spread the joy into my usual writing desk.


During an earlier scan marathon, back in 2008, I put some pics in a manilla envelope and labeled it thusly –>


“Maybe scanned? Double check” OK, so my filing system isn’t the best, but I’m thoughtful, and I have a Sharpie. When I came across this envelope the other day I was thinking that these pics HAD been scanned all those years ago, and that I was just being paranoid. But I opened it up to double check, because I feel it’s good to heed notes to yourself from the past, and there was a big old wad of my history that nearly escaped digitization. One of my faves being this Polaroid —>


This is taken with a Hipstamatic, so even though it’s old, it looks even older! Man, I know how to have a good time…


Here’s the result of my years of scanning – all stacked in boxes, semi-organized. Well, at least organized under the category of “already scanned, no need to scan again.” Which is key. Next I need to put these pics in some nice protective, archival, acid-free sleeves and into albums. But that’s years away.

scanned stuff 2.jpg

Oh, and another good find from this scanning session – I still have my “Wacky Packages” stickers from the late 70s. This is one that I still remember well from that era, and it was nice to rediscover it. I just love the look on the dog’s face. Now you can love it, too. Go on, love it. Love it!

milk foam sticker.jpg