Damn! ‘Spensive!

This is favorite expression of my father – “Damn! ‘Spensive!” As in, “My goodness, that is expensive!”

He tends to use this even when things are, in my opinion, an amazing bargain. For example:

ME (at garage sale, picking up an old book): Hey Dad, look. They have an original Gutenberg Bible for sale!

DAD: How much?

ME: Twenty two bucks. But I bet they’ll take twenty.

DAD: Damn! ‘Spensive!

But, as we are all destined to become our parents, I found myself saying the same thing as I filled my (gas) tank in Mojave. Now, gas is certainly not cheap at the moment…

gas price sign.jpg

But this little spot, perfectly situated to gouge people like me who got out in the middle of the desert and realized that they hadn’t planned ahead, was, well…very highly priced…

gas price.jpg

And this is for regular! $4.26 for regular! As much as I tried to resist, I felt a “Damn! ‘Spensive!” well up and bubble out of my lips.


And not only am I paying a shitload per gallon, I also have to make sure “nozzle all the way in gas tank.” Do I have to do everything? Well, apparently so. Including, according to this notice, paying in the side…

pay in side.jpg

I walked around to the side in an effort to pay, but found only a brick wall. I went to the other side, but was also met by solid brick. How am I supposed to pay in the side if there’s not even a little slot to slip my cash through?

I figured it out eventually, of course. Despite their outrageous profit, this station is obviously not paying their proofreader enough. Nor, for that matter, is their toilet cleaning staff being properly rewarded. Picture excluded for all the right reasons.

I bought a Gatorade as I left.

Four bucks…




One response to “Damn! ‘Spensive!

  1. Too funny!
    ThIs “blogging” style of communication is not the most interactive format for the “reader/audience.”
    A format of communication that must only exist in my imagination would allow me to post a pic of an EBT sign at Jack in the Box in Fresno– and tell you an EBT card would proabaly work in Mojave
    ( pronounced Mo Jive)

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