Poster Fail

I’m in Fresno, performing my solo show…

EJ times.jpg

As part of marketing their shows, many performers put up posters around town. Here’s an example of a good poster display…

52 poster.jpg

Gemma Wilcox is not only a great performer, but also a master marketer. I mean check that out. She not only came prepared with a poster for her show “52 Pickup,” but also with an assortment of quotes and poster flair.

award cu.jpg
best of cu.jpg

That’s how you do a poster – review, awards, quotes, palm leaves, all spread out and eye-catching.

I, on the other hand, didn’t get around to making posters for this festival, so I ended up creating a makeshift poster out of show flyers. And not just any show flyers – leftover show flyers from a festival last summer…

barry poster.jpg

This, by any standard, is not a good poster. Ah, did you notice the duct tape? Yes, the duct tape…

duct tape.jpg

Not only did I not bring posters, I didn’t bring Scotch tape. So I had to duct tape the flyers together. Poorly. I borrowed some clear tape to affix the poster to the wall so as not to tear off the paint, but that was the only thing I did right…

Really, I’m surprised that anyone comes to see my show at all.

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