Burrito Solamente Carne – Only Meat, Choice of Meat

Lunch today at Cecilia’s Restaurant in Los Banos, CA.

I was going to take a picture of the outside so I’d have a nice establishing shot for this blog post, but noticed that there was one on the cover of the menu, so…that much less work. Cecilia’s looks like this…


The only reason I’d dare mention a place I went to lunch is BECAUSE of the menu. Specifically here, on the burrito page…


Check out that last choice: Meat burrito, only meat, choice of meat. The word “meat” is 3/7 of the entry!

meat only.jpg

And, to make matters worse/better, it’s listed right next to the vegetarian burrito, whose only description is an English translation of the word “vegetariano.” In fact, all the burrito names are listed in Spanish, except the meat burrito, and, possibly, the burrito supreme – which is just one “o” away from being in Spanish.

My Spanish isn’t great, or even good, but I do know that “vegetariano” means “vegetarian.” I also know that “Los Banos” means “The Bathrooms.”

I ended up ordering the carnitas platter, which I think is Spanish for “tiny meat.”


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