I Now Know What the Circle Represents in “Circle K”

circle K.jpg

See that Circle K? Perfectly fine looking place to get gas and finally go to the bathroom, right? I can’t stress “finally” enough here, even if I did go for a larger type, added both bold and italic, and perhaps opted for a more dire font. But I won’t bother. You know what I’m saying. I’m on a long road trip, pulling over to go to the bathroom, and while I’m there I’ll get some gas.

So imagine my delight when I park next to the pump, run to the door and see this…—>

out of order.jpg

You don’t put this sort of notice on a little sheet of notebook paper! This is the sort of thing you put up on the marquee, replacing the current gas prices if necessary. This is worthy of hiring the guy in the chicken suit to stand at the entrance and wave a NO TOILET sign. This is not something you want people to have to find out AFTER they’ve sprinted to the door. Otherwise they’ll end up thinking it’s interesting enough to blog about, and take a picture of their wretched, disappointed face before slipping into their creepy van and peeing in an empty Gatorade bottle. In theory…

barry van.jpg


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