About Barry Smith

Hi. It’s me, Barry. I’m a writer and performer living in Colorado. I’ve written four solo, multi-media comedy shows, “Jesus In Montana: Adventures in a Doomsday Cult,” “American Squatter,” “Me, My Stuff and I” and “Every Job I’ve Ever Had.” I tour them around a bit. You can find out more about them here. Maybe I’m coming to your home town soon.

I also write a weekly humor column for The Aspen Times called, for some reason, “Irrelativity.” I’ve done this for 15 years, and should be getting the hang of it soon

I probably also have stuff you YouTube and Flickr.

One would hope, right?

Here’s a picture of me (r) standing next to a picture of me (l)…


Photo by Victor Des Roches.

7 responses to “About Barry Smith

  1. Barry:
    Congratulations on the win! That’s quite an accomplishment! Weren’t there a lot of other acts to beat? Wow, and now you’re on the road. The next thing I’ll be seeing you on Letterman. I can say I knew you when.


    PS Sorry about your grandma and sorry you had to go to Southern California. I have to go there for the 4th of July and will probably not even be allowed to watch fireworks on TV.

  2. Hey Barry,

    Sheri Gaynor here. I read your column on the Shack. Jim and Bill are friends of ours. I just wanted to let you know that I am going to be doing a show of my photographs of our time in the South and the Delta at CCAH, in Carbondale, February 1st.

    Just thought you might be interested in dropping by! If you need more info feel free to write.

    Have a great day,


  3. Hey Barry,
    I love reading your columns (and blogs, etc.). You’re an inspiration to the rest of us (writers). I’ll keep spreading the word about Irrelativity, Jesus in Montana, and all your other great works.


  4. I like reading your humorous columns on irrelativity.com but I use a feed reader to read my favorite pages and it’s just plain inconvenient to go back and forth every once in a while to check to see if it is updated. Please update your page with either an rss feed or at least an email subscription so more of your faithful readers can enjoy your work in their way.


  5. Barry
    I recently spoke to/saw Attorney Dave and he recounted your recent reunion dinner in CA and many tall yet true tales-he even mentioned you two spoke of us burning pictures in the darkness in my then back yard in AZ. I am very glad to hear you are well and prospering and telling your stories. Do you still juggle pins? Did you receive the copy of Squeaky Hands-aka My Baby’s Got-I sent you a long while ago (it still is a classic.)

    I write too. Finished Fifty-Five Fathers about Dads. Check it out. I will continue to follow your adventures and words. Congratulations and continued good luck.

    Jeff Paisley

  6. where’s the contact barry smith button? i want to see your “every job i ever had” show. i heard it was fabulous. this year your doing jesus in montana at the mat. i will definitely go. if you’re doing every job i ever had and it’s closish (within 2 hours of the springs) i’ll go. best! see you soonish.

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