Aspen Bomb Threat

Somebody put bombs around Aspen on New Year’s Eve. I live in Aspen. So I made a video about somebody putting bombs around Aspen on New Year’s Eve. Sorta…


Barry Digs Winter…

It snowed an awful lot in Aspen in January 2008. I did a lot of digging. And what’s the point in digging if you don’t film yourself doing it?

New “American Squatter” Promo

“American Squatter” is my second multimedia comedy show. I’ll be touring it across Canada in the summer of 2008. Here’s the promotional video, edited by my friend Arman Boyles.


Best of My Family

Here’s a video I made last year using my family’s VHS archive tapes – 1983-1989. Just in time for Easter. I suppose.


Lord Have Mercy…

Here’s a live performance of my original parody song, “Hoochie Caucasian Man,” from last fall. Is “original parody” an oxymoron? I suspect the ghost of Willie Dixon will set me straight…

Thanks to Steve Skinner and the Natives for backing me on this song, and to Skip Naft for shooting the video.


Jam Session

Here’s a short comedy video called JAM SESSION I made with my buddy Kevin Keelty about 10 years ago. At least we thought it was a comedy.

Kevin doesn’t have a blog, or else I’d link to it. He has created a blog for his cat, though, and I suppose if I were a better friend I’d link to that, but, well…I just can’t do it.

Maybe he, or his team of attorneys, will thank me one day…